What to do when baby bumps their head and how to stay calm!

A couple of months ago I was changing my sons diaper on my bed,  I literally turned around for a millisecond and then I heard a loud thud with cries following. I ran to my little one and picked him up. I checked him out and yes he was upset and scared but he looked OK. So I called his doctor and brought him there immediately. They took one look at him and told me he was perfectly fine. He didn’t even have a knot on his head. He cried for about five minutes and I think I was more scared than he was.

I felt like such a horrible mother! I never felt that bad in my life. This is the first time I spoke out about what happened, I haven’t even told my family. I’m sharing it with you, my readers because I know it happens all the time and I don’t want anyone to feel alone about it. Anyway, I held a ice pack on his head all the way to the doctors office to. That night even though the doctor said that it wasn’t necessary to watch over him I did anyways. I barely slept that whole night.

The next day he acted like it never even happened. He was back to wanting to play. At the time he was just learning to crawl and was bumping his head on the floor a lot. I didn’t let him play on the floor at all the next day. I literally carried him around with me all day!

Since that little mishap I went out and bought the guards that go on each side of my bed and I don’t take my eyes off him for one second if he is somewhere high up.

Here is a little advice about what to look for if god forbid this happens to your child. Its better to know and be aware then not to have any knowledge when you might need it.

Watch for symptoms: Any loss of consciousness or deformity of the skull requires immediate medical attention, But if a baby is awake, alert and behaving normally, it’s not concerning. Be watchful for a day or two. If you notice she’s acting different—vomiting, drowsy, irritable, eating less, or having trouble using a part of her body, go to the ER. There’s no need to keep your baby awake if she isn’t displaying these symptoms.

When not to worry: Remember that it’s not unusual for a baby to react to stress or injury by feeling a little sleepy. Persistent drowsiness may be a sign of something more serious, but do allow your baby to—sleep it will help her feel better. Worried parents can check in once or twice. If your baby is rousable and responsive, let her go back to sleep. If she’s not rousable, get her assessed in the ER. An ER visit will include a few hours of observation. If the doctors are concerned about brain swelling or bleeding, an X-ray or scan may help determine next steps.

It doesn’t mean you’re bad parents: Mild brain injuries tend to heal well on their own, without future implications. It doesn’t mean you’re bad parents. Be vigilant about it in the future, but otherwise, let it go and move on. It happens all the time to parents. It happens in a split second! Your baby is getting faster by the day! Those days when you could turn around for a split second are over! Just do your best not to let it happen again!

Stay calm: Trust me, stay calm! It is better to deal with something like this when you have a level head! If your calm then you can think more rationally. Its not going to get you anywhere if you are not thinking straight. Plus, your baby might be scared at first but when she sees that your calm she will be more likely to calm down quicker than if she sees you freaking out. Baby’s feel your stress and anxiety. Just keep your cool and do what’s necessary for the well being of your child.

Do you have a story you would like to share? Leave a comment and let us know. Any advice you would like to add about your experience. Leave your input. Everybody is welcome!


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