Date night! What’s that?

                      Date night? What’s that?

Before my son was born my husband and I always used to go out together. We had all the time in the world to spend together. It wasn’t hard to figure out the next time we were going to show each other that we loved one another. Forward nine months now we barley have time to give each other a kiss. We all know keeping the romance alive when you’re married can be challenging, especially when you have small children. Finding creative ways to keep the flame burning for each other can strengthen your relationship. And you don’t even have to leave your house. Here is what we had to figure out, a way to keep “us” going. The romance was pretty much gone by the time our son was three months old! So here it is…

Step 1.
Decide on a day and activity for your date night. Making plans to share time together is important, as it means you are making your relationship a priority. Planning ahead allows you to prepare yourself, your home, whatever room you will have your date in, and anything special you need for your date.

Step 2.
Feed the kids and put them to bed an hour earlier than normal–you may want to shorten or eliminate nap time that day if that might mean your child will go to sleep easier at night. If necessary, make going to bed early an adventure for your kids. You can turn it into a game by telling them to see who can fall asleep the fastest.

Step 3.
Begin your date night when you know the kids are in bed for the night. Even if they are still awake, you can eat your meal and enjoy talking quietly to each other.

Step 4.
Enjoy being alone. Take advantage of the time to enjoy each other–and not talk the whole time about your kids. Use the time for your date to catch up, rekindle the romance, or even just relax with a good movie.

Step 4.
Depending on what you and your spouse are into, get some fun activities for the bedroom also. Gather up some toys, lingerie, maybe a banana hammock. Get that flame back in the bedroom. Play a game, roll play or just be yourself and get into the intimate state with your partner like you used to have. It is just as important to have sex as it is to just spend time!

Step 5.
Start making plans for your next date night at home! Try to make it as often as possible. If you can make it happen try twice a week. If not make time at least once once a week!

The more time you put toward your date night the better it will be. Take the time to plan it. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Do you have any suggestions for date night? Any thing you would like to add? By all means write a comment and let us know!


2 thoughts on “Date night! What’s that?”

    1. thanks! I have a eleven month old and its been very hard to get any time never mind for date night! we had to come up with something! thanks for the comment. I’m new at this and its been hard getting people to come visit. thanks again!

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