Boogers anyone?

My son has just recently figured out that he has a nose and holes that go along with it! So I did some research and this is what I found.

Parents, next time you see your child picking his or her nose you may want to fight the urge to scream “stop!”. A Canadian biochemist is making waves with a new theory that picking your nose — and eating it — may be an evolutionarily-backed way to boost your immune system’s protective powers.

Almost all kids try to taste things that come out of their noses, and its possible nature is trying to push them to adopt this behavior. Snot’s sugary taste may signal the body that it should be eaten, and the immune system may obtain information from its contents.

“By consuming those pathogens caught within the mucus, could that be a way to teach your immune system about what it’s surrounded with” 

Evolutionary theories suggest people’s improved hygiene over the years has led to increases in allergies and immune diseases.

The so-called “hygiene hypothesis” is a theory that early exposure to germs and certain infections could boost the development of the immune system

Children who grow up in rural parts of the country and are around animals seem to be less likely to develop asthma than other children, so let your child get that bunny that they have always wanted, let them go make mud pies and roll around in the dirt.

Therefore, if more children pick their nose and eat their spoils, can this act lead to better immunity

Recent studies suggest the hypothesis may explain why diseases are more common in families with higher incomes compared to those with lower ones, and why U. S. born children are more likely to have allergic diseases like hay fever and eczema compared with foreign-born children.

Being born in United States raises allergy risk, study suggests “Dirt is good” for kids, expert insists

“From an evolutionary perspective, we evolved under very dirty conditions and maybe this desire to keep our environment and our behaviors sterile isn’t actually working to our advantage,


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