Keeping house clean with young children in the home

Keeping a clean house when you have young kids at home, can be tricky! Your days are never dull and quite long. Don’t fret though! Its as easy as 1. 2. 3. OK 4.

1. Look at the clutter that has begun to form in all rooms and say to yourself, this is going to be easy. No matter how big the mess!

2. Grab a very large laundry basket, and quickly go through each room grabbing all excess junk (or anything that is out of place) and put it in the basket.

(Add some music make it fun! You can even include your children make a game out of it)

3. Take your heaping basket put it in the middle of the room and put things where they go. One at a time, take your time. (If you do want to include your children put a couple of simple things that are easy to put away in there for them.)

4. Okay, I lied…there are actually 4 steps: When your husband comes home and your kids are in bed. Sit down think to yourself wow that was easy (And fun!) Relax and have a great night with nothing to do but enjoying yourself.

Repeat as Necessary.

When I talk about clean I don’t mean toys. I mean laundry, mail, and anything that has gotten out of place during your busy days being a parent. I personally think toys bring character. They make a house a home.


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