Car accidents and child safety seats

So my son and I were just in a horrible car accident going about 50 mph. I was sitting in the back seat with my ten month old son and my mother was driving. The car was totaled and my mom broke her arm when the airbags deployed. I didn’t even see it coming I looked up and slam. There it was. My son was screaming I didn’t know if he was hurt but my first reaction was to grab the car seat out of the car. There was smoke everywhere. I wasn’t even worried about me. I hit my face on the back of the seat and now I have softballs on the front of both of my legs. Thank god that my son is perfect and he wasn’t hurt at all! Its honestly because of the car seat. It barely even moved! I looked over at him and he was more scared than anything and I was more scared than he was! If it wasn’t for that car seat who knows what would have happened! I don’t even want to think about it. So I just want to stress to all you parents out there. PUT YOUR CHILDREN IN THEIR CAR SEATS! I see people riding around all the time with their little kids not buckled up not in there car or booster seats. I just want everyone to know it happens that fast. Please if you don’t buckle yourself at least buckle them up! Its better to be safe than sorry and they are learning everything they know from your actions! Please please please. Use the correct method of keeping everyone safe. Thank you for taking the time to read this it just might save someone’s life.


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