Review: babi lov links

http://www.babilovlinks. com

As soon as I put my babi lov link on my son immediately started to play with it!


He really enjoyed being able to play with something that is around my neck. Since I stopped wearing my jewelry due to him trying to rip it off of me at first sight. But it was actually fun for both of us to be able to let him play (and chew) on this incredible price of jewelry. My son is teething and of course the first thing he went to do was put it in his mouth.


The necklace has amazing texture on it! I wouldn’t have thought that it would have felt the way that it actually does. Now its not only fun for baby but it looks good with all different types of outfits. I realized that I could actually wear this out as a price of jewelry and nobody would know its really a chew toy for my ten month old. I really liked that it has a break away link on it as well. Sometimes my son likes to get a little rough so this worked to my advantage. So after play time with my son Izyk it was time for him to eat. I breastfeed and I didn’t even realize that I still had the necklace on (that is how comfortable it is) but it gave him something to do while he was chowing down. I really love my new necklace and I love the fact that my son loves it even more!



Disclosure: babi lov links was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion. This review is my own opinion and I take full responsibility for what has been said.


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