Weekly giggle

Your baby already knows how to do sign language!

Here’s how to say:

• “Please change my diaper”: Turn beet red and make a straining expression, then smile.

• “I’d like something to eat, please”: Cram fist in mouth and suck wildly.

• “I’m tired”: Make a series of weeping gestures before closing eyes and lolling head backward.

• “Please pass me that thing up there that I can’t reach”: Point and grunt, then continue pointing and open mouth into screaming position.

• “No, thank you. I think I’ve had enough”: Throw food or object to floor with exaggerated grin.


One thought on “Weekly giggle”

  1. debbie, this is absolutly brilliant.i love ur blogs,i wish they had it when u were a little girl.be proud of yourself for all u do for izyk.e is a good boy and u have taught him well.keep up the good work mommy.

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