Temper tantrums already?

At this stage, you may start to see a temper developing in your little one. If you try to take something away or stop your baby from doing something that might lead to injury, he or she may scream until red in the face. What’s the best approach to keeping the peace?

Hold your baby, tell him or her it’s okay, and distract with another activity or object. Your baby will quickly forget about the complaints.

Babies have an amazing – and often aggravating – ability to make demands. But your baby needs to know that you care about his or her feelings, even when he or she expresses them by screaming or flailing. It may look like your baby is throwing a fit, but really he or she is seeking reassurance. As long as you stick with your original decision – for instance, that he or she can’t play with the remote control – no one can accuse you of “giving in.” You’re just giving your baby what he or she needs.

One of the best approaches to tantrums is to avoid them as much as possible. Pay attention to your baby’s cues and try to anticipate his or her desires. You can reduce your baby’s frustration even more by offering a safe place to explore where you won’t constantly have to say no.

Screaming comes naturally to babies, and you can’t force your baby to keep his or her temper. Spanking, swatting, and yelling are especially unhelpful. Your baby will only become more unhappy and distressed. If you’re feeling angry, it’s okay to put your baby in a safe place, like a play yard, and let him or her scream and cry until you have a chance to calm down. This is what I do when my son has a temper tantrum. I will put him down and take a breather, I will go pick him back up show him I am there for him and he usually will calm down instantly.


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