how hard could it be


How hard could it be to be a mom I once said months before I had my first son. (pictured above) How hard could it be to feed and and cloth and love a baby everyday? Well yes it is different for every mother (and father) but in my experience its not as easy as it looks! Not only are the day to day expenses hard to keep up with but when you do it all by yourself everyday it can get pretty nerve racking! Not knowing if your doing this right or that wrong. Not knowing what to do next half of the time you are just rolling with the punches. Well before my little angel came into my life I stayed up all night and slept all day. Never had a routine or schedule. Never new what my next day was going to hold. All of a sudden that day comes and a six pound one ounce baby boy is there in your arms that you have been in labor with for 14 hours and your whole life changes.


Well at least mine did. My whole world turned upside down. Now I’m forced out of bed at 5:30 every morning like clock work and I love it! We have our routine and that’s the way we like it. It wasn’t easy getting to this point though. It happened accompanying a lot of sweat, tears and anger! Its truly amazing how such a small helpless little person can make such a impact on you and your whole thinking pattern. I find it unbelievable how this bouncing baby boy named Izyk has rocked my world!


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